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Your birth chart reflects the cards on your hand

- but you decide how to play them!

Astrology does not define your destiny. Your life is not predetermined because it "is written in the stars". At least not if you ask me. You are the master of your own life and your life is not predetermined.

Yet you do have "aptitudes" for certain personality traits, abilities and experiences. Your birth chart can, for example, tell if you crave adventure and excitement or if you rather need security and stability. Your chart also shows whether you have inherent potential to become a graceful ballet dancer, a skilled carpenter or host of a talk show.


Your birth chart says a lot about the nature of the challenges you face through life and your ability to deal with them. The challenges and abilities are triggered throughout your life. The progressive chart shows you the timing of these triggers along with possible good and bad responses to them.


You enact your birth chart


So yes, there is a certain degree of predetermination in your birth chart. No matter what you do, say, think or feel, you are enacting your birth chart! But the purpose of astrology is not to reduce you to a particular notion of "who you are." Your birth chart is merely a broad framework within which your personality and your life unfold. You have a free will. And the more conscious your are, the greater your free will. The way you enact your birth chart reflects a developmental process.  

Make the unconscious conscious

I consider astrology a tool to make the unconscious conscious. Why are you prone to stress or depression? Why are your finances poor no matter how well you're paid? Why are you not happy with your job despite your success and recognition? Why can't you hold on to a partner? Or why do you keep attracting abusive or unavailable partners? With astrology as a tool, you can consciously choose (okay, strive to choose!) the highest expression of the qualities you already possess. Yes, that's right. You have everything that you need in life available to you, whenever you're ready. Note that it's not the same as having the same qualities as your neighbor. But the qualities that YOU need to life a full life.

The consciousness that astrology can bring, can help you free yourself from patterns that keep you in something that is not working. In other words, it can be your key to creating the change you need and the life you dream of.

Asking questions


To me, a birth chart is not a static description of who you are. When I look at a birth chart, I ask questions like: Why are you at this point in your life? What are your unique abilities and how can you express them? How can you evolve and become the best version of yourself? But in reality, the true answers to those questions lie within you. I'm merely the 'disruptor' who points out that which I find important - and the guide who can suggest possible pathways to a life, you'll love.

Learn more

Are you interested to know more about astrology or to book a reading with me, don't hesitate to contact me. Go directly to AstroLabs website (Danish only, for the time being) or contact me below. At astrolab's website you can book online.




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