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My Mission

Universal Logic is about listening to the abundant wisdom of the Universe. I believe that everything is available to us all the time, if only we listen to the quiet whispers of the Universe. We are all connected, yet we live in a world where we have forgotten our soul's true desires. My mission is to bridge the gap and make it natural and easy for you to co-create with the Universe. 

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Bridging the gap

You can accomplish great things in life, and still not be happy at heart. And you can be happy at heart and still experience grief and pain - that's part of our human experience. But when you live from your heart, you shine from within. And that's when the real magic begins.

Energetically, we are all one, and you are one with the Universe. When you shine with joy, your light makes creates more joy. 


The language of the Universe is one of love, compassion, joy, abundance and unity. And it is all available to us - if only we listen. When we listen to the quiet whispers of the Universe, we recognise that the only answers that feel true are those of the heart. 


Your heart wants what your heart wants - and that can sometimes be messy or even controversial. Yet I believe that your heart always knows the way. And the Universe supports it! You are meant to shine in a way that lights up the whole sky. From within.  

Ultimately, I believe that every one of us has a unique path to happiness.  All souls desire love and joy, and however long and challenging the journey may be, I believe that this is available to everyone. Yet most of us tend to believe that we don't deserve it or that we can't obtain it. It is as if we're programmed to believe that life is tough and that we just need to 'toughen up' in order to make it. And sadly, often our life experiences and our culture confirm these beliefs. "That's life", right?

But what if we were less preoccupied with past experiences and the limiting beliefs that have formed us in so many lifetimes, and instead listened to our hearts? What if our souls are merely trying to teach us to overcome our past wounds and learn to love and be loved, to be joyful and abundant?

Does it sound self-centered, or even naive? First of all, please know that your happiness doesn't take away anything from anyone else. Quite the opposite, actually. Your happiness creates only more happiness and your abundance creates only more abundance. Obviously, I'm not talking about greed and riches here. I'm talking about your heart's desires. Wealth may naturally follow, but that's not the point. True abundance is not self-centered.


But is the whole idea naive? Maybe. At least, whenever an idea isn't mainstream or it contradicts the natural sciences as we know them today, it's common to label it as naive. Bottom line is, I guess you need to be openminded in order to find out :-)  

As I usually say: "The Universe has your back"! That means that everything is available to you at all times and on multiple levels. Once you learn how to co-create with the Universe, you'll discover that you don't actually need to do it all yourself. Phew!

MY MISSION is to support as many as possible to identify and clear whatever stands in the way of living from the heart.  

Please know that YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS! Your past experiences don't define you or your worthiness of joy and happiness. They are merely stepping stones towards greater consciousness.


And consciousness is the bottom line.

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