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Free and paid online courses

At Universal Logic Academy you find a variety of free and paid online courses, currently in Astrology and Manifestation. Universal Logic Academy is all about YOU. It's for you who's ready to start co-creating the reality you want. The courses can help you to become aware of your special contribution in this lifetime, including whatever might stand in the way of this. And you can learn how to attract specific people and circumstances into your life. Sign up now or request that online course that you can't find anywhere else! 


Louise Bunnage is a trained Astrologer and Reiki Healer and also has a Master's degree in Anthropology and Social Science.

Apart from that Louise is educated within leadership, project management, channelling and numerology.  

Louise has had her own business since 2018 and uses astrology, numerology, healing and manifestation in her daily work.

Diploma Programme in Astrology

Would you like to learn the craft of astrology? Are you looking for a thorough education that will provide you with a solid foundation as an astrologer? Then the Diploma Programme at the IC Institute of Copenhagen may be just right for you. Along with my great colleagues Tinna and Henrik Bisbo, I teach on the online version of the Programme (currently in Danish, but feel free to reach out if your interested in the education in English).

Note: All exams are optional  

Teaching experience

Louise is an experienced teacher and public speaker.

Her experience ranges from teaching interpretation of law in organisations to speaking at conferences, events and in professional associations. 

Currently Louise teaches astrology at the Diploma Programme at the I.C. Institute in Copenhagen and is developing online courses for Universal Logic Academy.

Searching something specific?

If you're looking for a course within a particular subject, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have a great network of other astrologers and light workers and I may know just the right course for you. If you're looking for something that is within my field of expertise, I may also consider making a course on that particular subject. I love doing things on demand and if it makes sense to make a course, I'd love to do that. I prefer to crate courses that don't already exist in som shape or form :-) 


If you'd like to create courses of high quality and are looking for at partner, or you have another creative idea and wonder if I could be the right person for the project, please get in touch.   

Send me an email

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 Thank you!

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" 

Albert Einstein

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